“Daughter of Sarabjit Singh Condemns Justice System: ‘This is Not Justice’ Following Death of His Convicted Killer, Amir Sarfaraz”

Daughter of Sarabjit Singh Condemns Justice System

In a poignant reaction to the current loss of life of Amir Sarfaraz, the man convicted for the brutal homicide of her father, Sarabjit Singh, the daughter of the overdue Sarabjit Singh, has spoken out, denouncing the triumphing belief of justice. Expressing her profound dismay, she articulated, “This isn’t justice.”


The tragic saga of Sarabjit Singh, an Indian national who become incarcerated in Pakistan on espionage fees, reached a chilling climax while he was savagely attacked by means of fellow inmates in 2013, succumbing to his injuries after languishing in a coma for numerous days. Amir Sarfaraz was finally tried and convicted for his involvement in this heinous act.


However, as information of Amir Sarfaraz’s passing surfaces, it has stirred a sparkling wave of emotions and grievances for Sarabjit Singh’s own family. Despite Amir Sarfaraz’s culpability within the barbaric assault that claimed her father’s existence, Sarabjit Singh’s daughter contends that his death does no longer equate to justice being served.


The sentiments echo a sentiment of unresolved soreness and the failure of the justice machine to offer solace to the sufferers of heinous crimes. Sarabjit Singh’s daughter’s poignant statement underscores the iconic ache of loss and the lingering quest for closure inside the aftermath of tragedy.

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